Diaper Disposal Bags (Black)

EVERYTHING YOU NEED, WHERE YOU NEED IT- Phone, keys, pacifier, your and your baby’s bottle and more. This organizer will enable you to take all essentials with you when you go out, each with it’s designed pocket, including 2 zipper shut ones and a headphones port. It’s designed to fit most stroller types
NO MORE WASTED TIME- Sometimes your bag can be a labyrinth, and you have to find everything at once: the bottle for the baby that is crying, the phone that is ringing and the keys to get in. Separate pockets allow you to organize your things and spend more time using them than searching for them
MORE MOVEMENT FREEDOM- Diaper bags, purses, backpacks: you carry them, watch where you put them when you stop AND usually need both hands when you search for an item inside. The organizer is securely attached to the stroller so that your hands are free to do more important things. It even has a zip-off wallet for the times you want to park the stroller without leaving your valuables there