Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Newborns Premium Memory Foam & 2 Bamboo Pillowcase Prevents Rolling Over & Plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome Luxury shower Infant’s Gift+Ebook Sleep Guide By SA

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❤BEST BABY HEAD SHAPING PILLOW.This is the one! Baby pillow for newborn BY SLEEPING ANGEL FOR BETTER SLEEP! Our anti flat head baby pillow is designed with your baby’s safe and comfort in mind. It supports the baby’s head and neck properly, gently supports the natural round shape of the head and distributes the pressure evenly this prevents flat head syndrome, the surface is elevated to the sides, so it Makes this pillow plagiocephaly pillow for baby’s and flat head correction.
❤A NOVEL NEW YEAR GIFT❤ FOR YOUNG PARENTS-This awesome baby head shaping pillow and luxury pillowcase bundle pack is a wonderful and much appreciated shower, birthday or Christmas gift that you can choose for an expecting mom, parents, newborns and babies.And now we have decided to give a double bonus Two protective pillowcase end great Digital guide to early chilhood sleep for
❤ TOP-NOTCH QUALITY. Our sleep positioner is made from 100% baby friendly, breathable memory foam and it is completely hypoallergenic, means it will not contribute to cause allergies, absorbs bacteria and prevents the development of respiratory diseases such as Asthma. Simply, it keeps you and your baby happy and comfortable all the day

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