Baby Proof Adjustable Safety Locks – For Busy Moms! Childproof Your House to Keep Kids Safe. Kitchen Appliances, Cabinets & Drawers Latch Straps Protection. Spare 3m Strips. Set of 6 Latches

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SECURE THESE LOCKS ANYWHERE YOU NEED SAFETY PROTECTION FOR YOUR BABY THIS CHRISTMAS: Ensure your whole house is kid-proof the easy way with Calm at Home. Use our child proof locks with all types of cabinets, drawers, and doors. You can even use the locks on a toilet seat, a trash can or kitchen appliances! Let children play around the house and have peace of mind knowing that the Adjustable Safety Locks will keep them safe
NO UNSIGHTLY SCREW HOLES IN YOUR CABINETS AND NO NEED FOR TOOLS! Our white safety latches are quick to install for instant toddler and infant protection. Very easy to set up, the Adjustable Child Safety Locks system comes with 3M adhesive tape so you can install them without drilling. Calm at Home gives you child proofing without damaging your furnishings. EXTRA ADHESIVE STRIPS ARE INCLUDED to make sure your childproof locks will be ready to reuse wherever you need it
PROTECT YOUR CHILD’S TINY FINGERS FROM DANGEROUS APPLIANCES AND HEAVY LIDS: The Adjustable Safety Locks provide protection for children from home appliances. The locks attach to any appliance: washer, dryer, oven, stove or fridge. Perfect for use in the bathroom, the Baby Proof Latches attach to toilet seats and even to shower doors. Calm at Home locks provide you with the protection needed to keep children safe around any furniture, appliance or equipment in your home

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