Opall 2017 Latest Cozy Soft Rainbow Mermaid Tail Blanket with Scales apply on all seasons


★SMALL SIZE: 49.2″x21.2″, for 3-10 Kids. ★EASY-TO-GO DESIGN – A little cute and adorable mermaid, like a sleeping bag. Designed to be easy to get in and out of, it makes the perfect companion for cool nights.
★PROVIDE YOUR KID HOURS OF FUN -OPALL’s Mermaid Tail Blanket is perfect for any child with a big imagination. kids are ready to have hours of fun, whether they’re going camping, sleeping over on bed, sitting in a car or airplane, or just snuggling down to watch TV with family.Opall mermaid tail blanket always keep your little one cozy. It’s perfect to keep your little ones warm in the room with air conditioner in hot summer
★QUALITY & COMFORT- Super soft Minky fleece fabric and high quality-stitching, both the inside and outside of this Opall mermaid tail blanket. Kids will love the snug, warm material and the enchanting artwork.

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