ZippyJamz Organic Baby Footless Sleeper Pajamas With Inseam Zipper For Quicker and Easier Diaper Changes

$29.99 (as of February 26, 2018, 11:24 pm)

INSEAM ZIPPER FOR QUICK AND CONVENIENT DIAPER ACCESS makes diaper changing quick and easy even if your baby is sleeping, kicking or wriggling. So easy, you can use them with your eyes closed! Unzip. Change. Zip. Done.
NO MORE AWKWARD AND CLUMSY SNAPS especially when it’s dark, your baby is kicking and you get to that last snap and figure out you’re one off…d@m# snaps!
BABY STAYS WARM AND COVERED throughout all diaper changes. Sleepers with a front zipper let in cold air. By the time your baby is ready for a diaper change, they’re naked, freezing and fully awake. But With ZippyJamz your baby stays warm, cozy and sleepy – ready to go back to bed.

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